Bump Chronicles: A Casual and Fun Maternity Photoshoot in Rowlett, Tx

dad holding mom's belly with their sonogram next to them

Christi and Cole are beginning this new chapter in their love story with documenting it, so they are able to remember this very special moment for lifetimes to come. The anticipation is palpable as these joyful parents-to-be eagerly share this extraordinary moment, not only celebrating the upcoming arrival of one new life, but also the double blessing of welcoming two precious little miracles. Twins are cooking in the oven! For her first professional maternity session, Momma opted for a comfortable and serene setting. What better way to do so than embracing the freedom and beauty of a stunning wildflower field in Rowlett? Join me in their love story as I share their fun maternity photoshoot celebrating these two wonderful rays of sunshine!

Unforgettable Moments Captured for Lifetimes to Come.

After I delivered C + C’s gallery, momma immediately responded with something that always puts a smile on my face. Christi was fixated on every photo of herself, a rare and unexpected fascination for someone not typically so self-focused. We often harbor excessive self-criticism, particularly women, burdened by a plethora of unnecessary insecurities (I’m not immune of this habit). My passion often leads me to highlight and emphasize the most admirable traits, striving to bring them to the forefront and let them illuminate everything else. I aim to capture memories so breathtakingly beautiful that my clients can’t help but be transported back to the magic of the moment, reliving the joy and wonder of their special day through their stunning photographs. With every frame, I aim to craft unforgettable images that showcase your unique personality, story, and style, leaving you with a treasured keepsake that captures the essence of your session.

You Can Also Enjoy Yourself at a Fun Maternity Photoshoot

I invite you to take the leap and experience the thrill of a professional photoshoot for the first time! You’ll soon relax and unleash your true self, creating lasting memories. Like I mentioned early on, Christi never had photos taken of her professionally before and she absolutely loved it! Not my words but hers actually hehe. “Madi is absolutely AMAZING! This was my first time doing professional pictures and she made the process so easy. We felt so comfortable at the shoot and she responded quickly to any questions we had. I was shocked when I got the pictures back, I was in love with every single one. Will be going going to her much more in the future!” -Christi.

Still on the fence about it? I have another maternity photoshoot on THE BLOG! Unleash your creativity and discover the possibilities within a studio maternity session! Have more questions? Reach me here and let’s chat! I am more than happy to ease you of any doubts you may have on booking a session with me! 🙂


Alright, now that you have seen a glimpse of what YOU can do, let’s make some magic together! I must confess that capturing the tender moments and precious milestones of expecting families has become a true passion of mine, as I cherish the opportunity to preserve the beauty and anticipation of these special times. I am very fond at witnessing such a sacred milestone in my client’s lives. It is a profound privilege to be part of these life-defining moments. It fills me with a sense of purpose to be able to capture the joy, love, and memories that unfold during these special times. I hope top see you on the other side of my camera soon!