What To Wear For A Studio Maternity Photoshoot

Dad giving baby boy a flower at studio maternity photoshoot

Choosing what to wear on a day to day basis is stressful for us women. Tons of colors, shades, patterns and styles to choose from. Now that you’re in the midst of your pregnancy journey, you may be struggling to find the perfect outfit for your upcoming studio maternity photoshoot. I am here to offer some helpful tips to ease the burden of planning outfits for you and your family, making the process more manageable and stress-free!

Stylish and Comfortable: Maternity Studio Photoshoot Wardrobe Essentials

Neutrals are a timeless choice for photoshoots as they create a versatile and elegant aesthetic. Call me a minimalistic girly, this will forever be my go-to color palette! Earthy tones like green, brown, orange, and blue can easily complement other colors, allowing for a cohesive and visually pleasing overall look. I know most people will say not to match colors with your family, but I say DO IT! Here I added a pop of color with my prop (the love seat) since my lovely family went with lighter brown/beige colors!

When we talk about style, going with the most comfortable is what we want to shoot for. I want you to feel like you can move around without having to worry about your wardrobe malfunctioning! You can be as reserved or as loud as you want to be! If you want to come out topless to show your belly off- even better! These photos are a representation of how you enjoy expressing yourself. I am here to hype you up no matter what you decide to wear!

Denim on Denim Action

Denim is always a safe option to go with! I will never say not to wear any kind of denim to your photoshoot, especially a maternity session! From classic mom jeans paired with sleek Calvin Klein undergarments to a trendy denim skirt matched with a flowing crop top, the styling possibilities are truly endless! Sometimes even being barefoot can add some character to your photos. At this session we decided to explore a laid-back and stylish outfit choice: pairing denim overalls with classic black t-shirts.

Deciding where to book your session should be exciting and also stress-free. Artist Uprising Studio is my holy grail indoor studio to book for any type of session. Located deep in the heart of Richardson, Tx! If you are wanting a minimalistic, chic vibe – this is the place to be! You want timeless and elegant, also a possibility to create that here!


Adding in a custom floral arrangement is also a MUST-HAVE to any session. My all time favorite florist in the Plano, Tx area is Bad and Blooming! We have done a few projects together and every time she blows me away with her talent! If you are inspired by this session and you are ready to book, let’s chat and plan to make it happen! I would be honored to capture such a time in your life! Want to get to know me a little better before committing? Head on over to the “About Me” page and get a little insight on me. 🙂

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