Best Locations for Indoor Family Photos in DFW

Small family posing cute for the camera while some climbs on top of dad

Step into a world where adventure meets comfort, where laughter echoes off the walls, and memories are woven into the very fabric of your family’s story. Take a leap into my guide on the best locations for indoor family photos, where the weather is always perfect and the fun knows no bounds. I’ve compiled and carefully selected the finest locations where I’ve personally captured great shots and achieved success! Go ahead and grab your loved ones and let’s dive into this experience together!!

Cozy Dallas Studios: Great for indoor family photos

  1. The Lumen Room Dallas: Lifestyle

Looking for a cozy indoor space with warm hues and rustic charm? Look no further than this studio! Featuring light wood floors and very rustic, red brick accent walls, it’s the perfect backdrop for your family photos. Plus, we’ve got a variety of props available, including a couch, stools, and rolling backdrops. Sitting right smack in downtown Dallas, you have many restaurants to choose from after your session! Additionally, they have studios spread across the metroplex, including Plano, Fort Worth, and even Austin!

2. The Lumen Room Dallas: Home

Right down the hall of The Lumen Room: Lifestyle (the one mentioned above), is The Lumen Room: Home! I’m thrilled about the option of choosing between these two nearby locations—it’s incredibly convenient! This studio is my top choice for shoots in Dallas, thanks to its cozy, “home-style” ambiance. The white brick walls and wood flooring create a beautiful backdrop for capturing vibrant colors. Plus, we have a variety of props on hand, including a baby crib, vanity, office desk, full-size bed, rolling backdrops, stationary piano, and even a faux fireplace! Great place for your next indoor family photos for sure!

Aesthetic and timeless: Studios that fit the vibe.

3. The TX Studio in Dallas

I’ve only shot at this studio once and I immediately fell in love! Such a neutral and vibe-y location, so many possibilities on what you can create! What drew my attention was the variety of paper roll backdrops I could choose from and the equipment they have readily available for use. This particular studio has 2 rooms you can book. One is bright with large windows for a ton of natural lighting and the other I would say is a bit moodier if your are shooting on an overcast day. In this session I shot in the moodier room. They have refreshments and a small little changing area for your clients as well!

Any of these catch your attention this far? I would love to chat with you and help make your family photoshoot dreams come to life! You can also get to know more about me and who I am as an individual on my ‘ABOUT ME‘ page. I am a people’s person and love to hype anyone up no matter what the occasion is!

Family bonding, laughs and smiles.

4. Artist Uprising Studio in Richardson

Left the best for last! This studio takes the top spot for me! I’ve lost track of how many sessions I’ve booked here—it’s practically a second home and perfectly matches my aesthetic. It’s effortlessly simple and minimalistic yet incredibly impactful. Housed in a standalone building, it features two garage doors with frosted glass that flood the space with natural light. The chic vibe of the concrete floors adds to its appeal, and they’re always refreshing the walls with new paint colors for a fresh look. They regularly introduce artistic rolling backdrops and keep their props inventory dynamic to prevent monotony. Plus, they provide equipment for photographers, which is incredibly convenient. Honestly, the images speak volumes for the quality of this space.


No matter what your needs are, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. My aim is to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience, from your first inquiry to the moment you receive your complete gallery. Your enjoyment and satisfaction are my top priorities, without exception! If you’re ready to forge a friendship and have a blast while I capture your life’s special moments, you know where to reach me!