Documenting the hopeless romantics and adventurers all around

Telling your love story through 

imagery is what I am here for!


It’s true when they say a picture is worth a thousand words

So many of us tend to live in the moment and be present, and that is such a rare and beautiful thing. BUT— what if you could have that AND have it documented so that you can enjoy yourself in that very moment but also have the opportunity to look back and feel that same feeling when it happened? It would almost feel nostalgic.

I am such a believer in enjoying those special moments with no distractions, so that is where I come in! You are here to share a special moment regardless of what that looks like – a newborn, your wedding ceremony, or you just celebrating your love, you should be captivated and consumed by that moment.

I am here to capture it all while you enjoy and take it all in. I will be the one that makes time stay still for you to reminisce on. Capturing every little detail that may have slipped through your fingers while you were PRESENT. If you are ready for just that- what are you waiting for! Let’s create memories!


I am a Dallas native Latina- born in a small town in Silver Spring, Maryland, but raised in Texas for what seems like my entire life! I have been living life as an adventure for as long as I can remember! From the very first international trip I took back in 2016, I was (not knowingly) passionate about photography. Back then it was street and landscape photography but the more that I used my beginner camera, the more I wanted to venture out of my bubble.

Since then I have captured MANY commemorable moments for friends, documented my very first intimate wedding and so many more milestones that I am grateful for being a part of! When I say friends, that is for EVERYONE I have documented. I want to be known for being more than just a person who takes photos for you- this is bigger than that. It’s crazy to think of where I was before I started all this. Just an introvert stuck in her little bubble taking it day by day, not knowing what I wanted in life. This journey has opened my eyes to things I never would have thought of or seen myself doing. I have had numerous deep conversations, seen precious moments take place and have felt so much warmth all at once.

I adore every single person, couple and family that has been on the opposite side of my camera. Everyone’s walk in life is so different and so unique, I am so honored to be able to capture a small glimpse of it. I am here to be alongside your story, your journey and I am here to invest my time and talent! When I say I am your hype girl, that is exactly what I mean! I want to celebrate you and show you the best version of yourself!

A small town girl with a BIG heart

lets do this!

fun facts

Some people call me spicy, I just say I'm passionate! I have been married to my best friend since 2014 and have 3 precious fur babies who are also our headaches. 

I usually am either shopping at your local plant store, drinking boba or in search of the yummiest sushi joint! 

Admiring nature is my JAM- i could sit in silence and enjoy a spectacular sunset or stare at the moon in awe (i'll probably shed a tear or two bc i'm an empath)!

Funny fact if you’ve known me for a long time- I will always say a Spongebob reference for anything and everything!

I’m a Sex in the City fan so you will most likely catch me ordering a Cosmo when I'm out with the girlies ;) 

Memories that last a lifetime

ready for the next step!

Finding someone who understands your vision and is willing to really invest themselves in your story is something that is beyond important. You need your moments captured AS IS, and not fabricated. Whether you are that hopeless romantic just wanting to enjoy a stroll down Central park holding hands with your soulmate. Or a goofball that wants to go on a fun and meaningful date! I want to be your advocate in what YOU are wanting for this moment. No matter what it is- be your best YOU, be HUMAN and let loose! I am here to listen to those visions and help you execute them. I want this to be your safe space, somewhere you are not judged. Being more than just a photographer comes with my package, I am here for YOU! I am ready to be your hype girl.. let’s make some great memories!